Monday, February 15, 2010

Summer Was Busier Than I Thought.

I just finished three pages documenting yet another local summer festival. I was really struggling with a layout because most of the photos were of the kids playing in large inflatable slides and such. The photos were pretty colorful, so I decided to just go with a mix of candy colors. I like the title page best. The other two have a more desperate feel. I did use a button, brad and the bright pink brackets I got as part of my S2L Themed Embellishment Swap! I really like the felt brackets. I need to get some more of those. And, Becky, I used my glitter glue!


  1. Very cute! I didn't know you were in Decatur--is that IL? I have a friend who lives there (or used to, not sure if she is still right in Decatur or not! lol)

  2. Thanks for the comment! No, that's Decatur, Arkansas, not Illinois.