Saturday, January 30, 2010

Too Many 2009 Photos!

I'm starting to think I'm never going to finish up my 2009 photos. Ever. Both of these pages are from our Thanksgiving weekend.

On this first page, the "Outdoor Adventure" page, I used up the last of my camo paper (I hope!). I HATE to throw photos away even if they aren't so great, so I wrote a short journal entry on the bottom left paper and then hinged it to hide a couple not-so-hot photos of the kids underneath.
The kids love to explore in the trees just outside of my friend Becky's yard, but they had to wear orange vests because of hunting season. They looked so cute wandering around all decked out in matching vests.

Crafty Kids: I really like this next page, and I didn't expect to. I had a difficult time trying to figure out how to combine these photos of my kids and the stepping stones they made for "Auntie" Becky's garden. In the end, I trimmed down two of the photos to fit them in and finished it off with some little gem embellishments to mimic the glass beads in their stepping stones. I think this page has a lot of visual interest, and it captures the excitement of their craft project. It also uses seven photos so it fulfills the requirements of my S2L weekly challenge for this week. :)

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